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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Must See TV!!!!

I'm not big on TV... Haven't been much on TV since the days when Night Court and Cheers were first run. After about the age of 12 all the sitcoms and police dramas began to look the same with a few exceptions which I won't go into here. What I have found, and I hop you have as well is the BEST night of (mostly, and damn near might as well be) first run TV EVER. EVER. I'd almost say it again... fuck it, EVER. I dare you to find a night of TV in recent memory like Sci-Fi's Friday night lineup. I wanted to give it a few weeks to settle in until I could form an opinion... but shit... Keypunch, you're more than welcome to hang here on a friday my man, but damn I'm in doors on Friday nights. And I DVR the shit anyway. THAT'S how good this lineup is! The rap sheet:

Firefly: I've found serenity... I hope it doesn't go bad, but so far I have a new love... MUCH like the one I had for a show created by Rick Berman... but that fucker pissed on those flames... actually, now that I think about it... I've almost entirely forgotten everything about the series finale of Enterprise, and that's a good thing. Firefly sets a bar for the feel of a Star Wars TV show.

Stargate SG-1: In my bedroom at my grandma's house growing up, I didn't really have any room for decoration, but there was a plexi-glass sheet atop the bed height dresser-table. Under the glass I'd slide a few clippings I was fond of at the time, and a prominent one was of Richard Dean Anderson. If your thinking id gutter right now, you're to young to know how MacGyver affected every male adolesent geek in the making. Like Batman he didn't need a gun, UNLIKE Batman, he didn't need a costume, insane amounts of mad cash or even insanity, to beat the bad guys. Anderson was just the charming sanity to ground a potentially ludicrous show and bring in middle age women who only mother geeks, not talk to them. Well, he did that for a LONG time, but now this show is in bonus heapings, and is soley for the geeks and the converted... and FARSCAPE FANS. The new cast members the season are just... fuck, this is a show having fun now, I know they had in the past, but they're having a lot of fun now. Plus, I won't be missing Lexa Doig now that Andromeda is over.

Stargate Atlantis : The weakest member of the lineup. Please continue not sucking. This is your sophmore season, that'll be hard to do. You haven't sucked yet... yet... please don't.

Battlestar Galactica: If this show gets ANY better, the original series will become "calssic" and increase in repute by virtue of sharing the same name. This is the best sci-fi show since TNG. Fuck, it's one of the best TV shows ever. I think I know some of Moore's inspiration on some of this, and that's okay. Zor Prime is one of my favorite characters ever too, and to see him reincarnated as Gias Baltar is just... perfect. Besides, that series owed a little to the original Galactica anyway. The Evangelion moment was pretty sweet. If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's better for your Galactica viewing... If you're watching the show, and the name Jack McKinney means anything to you, then you've already figured it out. Moore, if that's what you're doing... it's a work of beauty, and will bring this so exactly close to what the original series SHOULD have been, and no network would have had the stones to let it be.

Andromeda: When Dune was in the theaters, they gave you a printed out glossary to watch it with. I NEVER needed a glossary for Dune. Andromeda, I'm still waiting for a printout. I love you, but sometimes... you... confusel me. I'm hoping to catch up on the finale I missed. I heard it was great.

Different channel, similar name: The Science Channel
The BEST show you're NOT watching... Discoveries This Week. Real news, that WILL impact you life in many different ways. All other news is about fear, irratation and gas prices which feeds on both. This show has a list of the stories to the right of the anchor, and greys them out when they're over. It's organized, and isn't trying to sell you anything (just don't let the advertisers know that).

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