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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Amazon.com: Books: No Logo: No Space, No Choice, No Jobs

Amazon.com: Books: No Logo: No Space, No Choice, No Jobs

This just sucks. I'm watching this anti-corporate piece of propaganda called The Corporation. Of course, I rented it at Blockbuster. This woman is on there talking, Naomi Klein, she's an author, telling me how fucking bad companies are. Her book is on Amazon.com. Oh, BTW, I was looking up her website to see how many books she's written (since her printing company must be innocent) This is an honest quote from her website's FAQ: "No Logo has a logo. Is that hypocritical? No."
Her heart is in the right place. She's aginst sweatshops... fine, okay... but these people are going to deman to work in a sweatshop when companies say to you; "We're closing down our sweatshops! And Buying robot workers from Honda." I was watching a great new show on The Science Channel, called, How It's Made. Great show. And those American factories they showed... DIDN'T HAVE ANY PEOPLE!!!!
The Bread factory. Not one mutherfucker ever touched your bread. Nobody, just a machine, a giant robot that poops out sliced bread. Contact lenses actually involve a shitload of people... but CD's and DVD's... After the master is made... no one.

So this bitch must hate sweatshops. Except the ones that make the paper, ink, boxes.. fuck ALL the materials needed for manufacturing her book. She's an author, and has a product that is made with other products. I bet the glue that keeps her book together is made in a factory in happyland, and smells like fresh baked brownies. Cause if it's anything like a glue factory, and I've never personally been in one, it must be most things her book hates. What's she writing this on anyway? Does she drink coffee?

All the shit these people are against are one thing, civilization. It has faults, and we all suffer with them with the explicit knowledge that it's better than shitting in twigs, eating raw bat shit and having your dork hang out all of the time. Now, those activities are called leisure.

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