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Monday, July 25, 2005

Frog guts and an Island Bomb

Two entirely unrelated things in one post... for no reason than it's hot on a Monday morning.

The WB... that network no one has watched since Buffy was sent packing, decided to kill their frog logo.
This guy. He was in a funny Looney Toon 50 years ago, created by Chuck Jones. It's a nice character, does it make a good network logo? What does? ABC has a circle. NBC's peacock has been obsolete since... since color TV became... NORMAL. And CBS has an eyeball. At least the frog lended some character to an otherwise souless landscape. BUT, very educated people, and I'm sure many, many meetings resulted in... (please no...)

High School Yearbook graphics editors everywhere REJOICE!!!! You're shit is now marketable! I guarantee that the word "edgy" must have been said enough in those offices as to now induce vomiting on the victims of such consensus thought. Do any of you ever, EVER wonder if the people in your focus groups are fucking with you. Focus groups are the dumbest thing, EVER. You sample an extremely small sample of people, and get them to express how they FEEL about a product or a design. Here's the thing... They don't care, you do, your ass is on the line, but your a lunch anecdote to them. Oh, and they were laughing when they told it. Every time. The old networks have had lame ass logos for ever. No one cares. If you wanted the logo, you'd buy a t-shirt of it, even though it's a shoe or whiskey or motorcycle brand. People watch TV for the programs... Oh, and EVERY TV network logo pisses people off. You train us to be pissed. Why? Cause it's what fills dead air when YOU screw up and stick a sandwich in instead of the right tape.

Somehow relevant, but unrelated. I had one of the first reviews of Dreamworks The Island on the net, and if I may toot my own for a second, was the only one with the angle (at that point, that I had seen) that was more interested in how it bode for The Transformers.

Island is a bomb. But the early buzz is that the marketing is going to get the blame. I was worried that Bay's rep might get the blame, due to having a few less than ok movies. If that were the case, might it affect his Transformers involvement? Well, logic is seeming to prevail on this one. Title: The Island + Tagline: There is no island = Who gives a fuck then? Pity. It's good. I guess someone in a focus group liked that marketing strategy.

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