I'm making the most definitive list of favorite movies ever.

For every year, I'm listing every movie I've seen and compare them all to each other asking one question; Which movie do I like more. Movies that score in the 80th percentile or higher, advance to the next round: Favorite of the Decade. After each Decade is done, an All Time list will be formed.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Favoritest Movies of 2002

Too many four way ties are going to make me look really indecisive. 2002 is ruled by Weakness and the words; "In Space"

The (in some ways) weaker installments of the two mega trilogies, allows for a tie with the LAST good Disney movie ever. Weaker than Atlantis in many respects, the pair was a non-musical sci-fi stride that I wished had some more gas in it. If you'd asked me in '02, it maybe MAYBE would have made the top 10 that year. Hell, I didn't even want to see it in the theater. I saw Treasure Planet, 2 years later. I know there's technically a couple Disney flick after that before they go CG, but I'll take this one as the end of the line. As for Minority Report, Damn, I remember thinking the film might never happen, when they were trying to squeeze Matt Damon into it, I think as the character that Colin Farell plays, it's an awesome, but weaker Blade Runner. A WEAK Blade Runner, can still kick your ass!
As for "In Space"... Could a Jason movie ever score so high without the words "In Space" in the plot description?
  1. TIE: Minority Report
  2. TIE: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  3. TIE: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  4. TIE: Treasure Planet
  5. Die Another Day
  6. Lilo & Stitch
  7. Spider-Man
  8. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
  9. Millennium Actress
  10. Eight Legged Freaks
  11. Jason X
  12. Catch Me If You Can
  13. Austin Powers in Goldmember
  14. The Count of Monte Cristo
  15. XXX
  16. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  17. Maid in Manhattan
  18. Hero (Jet Li)
  19. The Time Machine
  20. Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla
  21. Ghost Ship
  22. Reign of Fire
  23. Scooby-Doo
  24. Gangs of New York
  25. Spy Kids 2: Island Of Lost Dreams
  26. The Scorpion King
  27. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  28. Pokemon 4Ever
  29. Ice Age
  30. The Tuxedo
  31. Bubba Ho-tep
  32. Dragonfly
  33. Road to Perdition
  34. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever
  35. Men in Black II
  36. Resident Evil
  37. Auto Focus
  38. K-19: The Widowmaker
  39. Panic Room
  40. Solaris
  41. The Powerpuff Girls Movie
  42. Blade II
  43. The Sum of All Fears
  44. The Mothman Prophecies
  45. Star Trek Nemesis
  46. The Ring
  47. 8 Mile
  48. Red Dragon
  49. Better Luck Tomorrow
  50. Chicago
  51. Signs
  52. The Master of Disguise
  53. Bowling for Columbine*
  54. Death to Smoochy
Legend: Onto the next Round! In the middle. Did NOT enjoy!
*Where these Micheal Moore movies have been landing, are in no way a political statement, and I'm not going to comment on that. They're soooo low because; while I'm sure at least a handful, if not more, guys have gotten laid for having the DVD of a Micheal Moore movie sitting on their shelf, I'm equally sure that no one has ever, oh, said, "Hey, I hate to cut this short but, I was really looking forward to going home, kicking back and watching Bowling for Columbine! It's my Wednesday afternoon thing, I like to squeeze it in before Wheel comes on!" That's NEVER been said.

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