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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Box Office Slump

It's going on 20 weeks old, it's the biggest story in entertainment, and it really has nothing to do with Tom or Katie. Today again, it's the top two stories on IMDB. Top story says the slump is getting worse, second item says movies are making MORE, A LOT MORE on DVD. And they're wondering why?

In line for Star Wars, people shout "Nerds!!!!" at the line.

Wednesday night screening of War of the Worlds. A whole row of teenage girls would not stop laughing.

We all could add to this list until it crashed the entire internet. $10 for a ticket, $5 for a soda, $5 for popcorn, and a cramped seat.

I know a couple guys who got themselves a surround sound system from Wally - Mart for around 40 bucks.

$20 for one person to have a munchie and something to wash Artery hardening starch down with. The DVD will cost less than that. Lets put it into the typical family of four.

1 movie a week: (we'll knock of 10 bucks, cus there's a kid or two) $70... $3,640..... A year.

Wait. Lets spread that out as a budget for Home entertainment.

1 $15 DVD a week for a year is $780. Owning it.
Big screen, not TOO fancy, $1,500
Soda, a case a week... $260
Popcorn... $104 a year.
Block buster account... $240 a year...
I still have $756 dollars LEFT OVER.

Screen size is important. Hot teenage bubbleheads are nicve to look at, but last movie I went to, I said to Keypunch monkey, that if I had fired a shot past the goalie with my HSGF, that'd be the age they'd be now.

Besides who wants to be in a building with screaming, teenagers?
A: Rock Stars.

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