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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Peter Jackson Syndrome

I've been saying it for awhile, Hollywood has it's best disease ever, Peter Jackson Syndrome. He farts, they want it as perfume. And we just become happier fans! From the newfound attantion to props on Episode III to Bryan Singers webdocs on making Superman, the plauge has hit a television victim. The best drama on television. Battlestar Galactica has behind the scenes video diaries!! Oh the "Ships" section on the official website, you know the type of content you click on and ussually feel TOO geeky for caring... well, it's almost guilt free and actually not lame. I just wish the videoclips were larger... espicially of the Basestar interior.

Current Symptoms... ;)
  • Relentless attention to the finest detail in props and art-direction.
  • Openmindedness to epic scale regardless of genre
  • (Rarest symptom) Big, thick, DVD's loaded with extra footage (that's ALWAYS makes the movie better) and an exhaustive amount of supplemental material.
  • (LATEST SYMPTOM) Web spread video diaries or documentaries about their current work.

There are possibly other symptoms, and while some filmmakers showed signs of this before PJ, they were unfortunately never contagious. An if they were, we never benefitted.

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Keypunch Master! said...

Awsome sight dude. It's just the right amount of geek. Battlestar rules.