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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fantast Four Clips on Yahoo!!!

Second Opinion: 1:04. He's the face of a billion dollar company and he's in a shitty little room like that with only one doctor. Health care in America has gone to hell! I'll save my bitchings about him not being the Lord of Latveria... I'm still willing to give this movie a fair shake.

Don't Even think About It: 1:17. Fine, I won't. This clip feels like it's a "first threat of Villian" ala Joker in the museum or the beautiful Green Goblin in Times Square sequence. If it's filling that place... wait Jessica said not to think.

It's Clobberin Time: 0:38. No shit. When I saw The Shield, I was suprised as hell, and I still am in total denial that that is The Commish. Damn Chiklis... no it CAN'T be him, maybe a brother... this man proves all of those celebrity workout articles in magazines at the checkout are bullshit, since I've never seen him featured in one, and it's just amazing... he's in great fucking shape!

That was the Prototype: 0:25. Best clip yet. WATCH THIS ONE. I have a new faith in this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fix your Face: 0:50. No, not two in a row..... It CAN'T BE GOOD!!!!!

Wow, You're Hot: 1:01. Beat to death line in trailer, subtle in context... Right now, some marketing people may need to be fired.

"Look At Me" 0:58. Doom / Sue... ... I won't say pure shit, though I may be fearing it.... (It's okay it's just different... breathe...)
"Picture That, But Everywhere" 0:34. seen in trailer. skip.
"Brooklyn Bridge" 0:57. There's ALWAYS a truck with something explosive in a movie pileup.
"The Day Of The Fantastic Four" 0:36. No, you're not the Fantastic Four... You're Johnny Storm and his backup band, not that that is feeling like a bad thing. I'm smelling Reed Richards being yank of the early drafts of the script for talking over tha audiences head. I hope he's in the movie.
"Anger, Rage, Frustration" 0:36. The way reed talks and the bitterness between these characters is a total buzzkill. Can't they just happen to be a couple, maybe actually loving each other. Some suit must have come up with this shit. Reed's an IDIOT, and Sue is a SLUT. Whoever thought of that? If I enjoy it I may hate it for this alone. Well, 2 characters appear spot on, and have great moments. The other three... WHO THE HELL ARE THEY??

That's about 9 minutes of the movie. All in all I'm more optimistic about the movie, but Reed, Sue, and Doom don't look good. I'll have to force myself to have forgotten the Fantastic Four to even watch this movie. But, think about this, if they hadn't complicated Reed and Sue's relationship, could they have made time for making him Lord of Latveria instead of a CEO? Well, we'll see.

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