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Thursday, July 07, 2005

MTV just plain sucks.

They're awful. Comic book geek on The Simpsons should call them on being the worst network ever. They should have been forced to watch their disgraceful coverage of the Live 8 concert. A title card reading "MTV DoN't cArE shit DawG!" "BoOyAb!" Or however the generation of MoRoN's they raised in Da HousE! Fucking talks. This is the same generation snickering like drunken sheep during serious movies. An entire generation of prostitutes raised on X$t and Barbie.

I'm watching all the acts they talked through and cut off on AOL. This and not killing DC comics just to watch it die are the best things they've ever done.

MTV said each act performed 3 songs... well, AOL has four apiece... MTV can't even fucking COUNT. 24 acts assholes. WITH commercials that would be about 9 hours of telecast. How could you fuck up the coverage of that event. HOW??? The continent of Africa owes you a collective "Bite me." The Acts should call your network chronic ass pain. No, actually, as a member by the chronological nature of my birth, I am a full member of the "MTV Generation"

Remember us? The first group of kids you raised. Until the tech bubble burst, we were the wealthiest and most succesful generation in history. More thanks to Sesame Street than you... and we'll be there again. We'll probably thank you for eliminating all competition from the younger generation. You run words at the bottom of the screen for kids that can't even read.

I said to my grandma one time, something to the effect of, a sure sign of being old is when your music is on those crappy TV commercials. Not as an isult to her, more of a personal barometer to keep an eye out for. So I leave you with this... MONSTER BALLADS

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Keypunch Master! said...

I say we take a uzi a line up all the little teenage sluts and fucktards and shoot them or bend the over and spank them for being probably one of the most selfish generations in a long time don't give a fuck about anything but themselves.

Keypunch Master