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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Windows "Vista" reaction

Yea, a new OS coming sometime next year has an official name... and all I got from their video is that my icons will be able to change size. So.... The definition of the word vista (from answers.com) : 1) n. A distant view or prospect, especially one seen through an opening, as between rows of buildings or trees. 2.) An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects; a broad mental view. Okay, the second one does sound like a good name for an OS. Everyone's dream OS is having a computer that understands when your wife sits down to your computer to read the funnies page on yahoo over her coffee, that the pics of cosplay Leia's in gold bikinis should be tucked away. Is that what this OS will do? All I saw were magnifying icons... lemme read some more here... Okay, a dominant new feature may crash the American economy and make sure that the least amount of intelligence and creativity goes into everything possible; Microsoft wants to make business meetings easier to do via computer. Meetings are what enable moderately competent individuals to become morons. Thank you Microsoft, now, some accounting prick is going to suggest that seat belt buckle's be made of talc, and we all go flopping through the windshield since it sounded like a great idea to a group of business people playing bejeweled.
Next feature? Okay some stuff about connectivity to peripherals being new and improved... I hadn't realized plug and play was old and inferior yet. The rest sounds like IT stuff that IT people care about...

Actually Microsoft, I like you. I really do. Windows 3.0 kinda sucked, so you gave me 3.1. We had a decent run, except for a number of problems I blamed on Packard Bell... I thought they deserved to perish. They did. Windows 3.1 wasn't complaint free... So came Windows 95, and it was better. I still had complaints. 95 pissed me off MANY times. I went over to Win 2000. I was happy. I didn't think it was a pretty OS, but who cares. Then came XP, Win 2000 went to Beverly Hills got a facelift and a boob job. I still like XP?

So, what I really want to know, since I'm a lil' worried? Is Microsoft going to say FU (quietly) to casual PC users. As in, the "home" user. I'm getting the feeling, that Microsoft doesn't care about people who don't work in offices doing officey things. Kinda like Y98-FM. So unless you work under a drop ceiling with fluorescent lights printing documents that request the further printing of documents, or tabulate the efficiency of documents printed. Microsoft doesn't want you anymore. Well, they do, but they want you to buy an X-Box 360. Eventually they'll sell the 358 upgrades you missed.

I'm the rarest Microsoft fan, an artist. Artists like Mac. It says so on our template archetype. I used to play more games... PC games went from strategy to super-shooters. Maybe Microsoft is right. If you want to play games buy an X-box. If you want to work, you MUST be in an office... Unless you're an artist... Then you own a Mac. Shit.

Microsoft is genius. They know the vacant mind of their stupid consumers. And have the perfect products for both camps. I can't get them to see my point of view... My tribe went over the hill a decade or more ago... Fine... I'll miss you Microsoft... But I'm an artist.

I guess my next PC will be a Mac.

So long as I can get a mouse with 2 buttons and a clitoris!

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