I'm making the most definitive list of favorite movies ever.

For every year, I'm listing every movie I've seen and compare them all to each other asking one question; Which movie do I like more. Movies that score in the 80th percentile or higher, advance to the next round: Favorite of the Decade. After each Decade is done, an All Time list will be formed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Favoritest Movies of 1990

1990 was around when my mother left.  I don't remember when that was exactly, which seems odd because in the type of movies that take place in the only world the isipid Chelsea Handler can understand, the date of some major family trauma is etched in stone and Charlton Heston comes down from the higher echelon of your psyche with a cheap plastic cup bearing the date of the one, one offending day and a copy of the childhood home game.

Of course, when I watch movies that take plae in the only world palpable to Chelsea, I tend to think they're ridiculous fantasies because of all the concessions, contrivances, conveniences, and coincidences.  I don't remember the date my mother left, but heck it was the second time she did.  The first time being in fourth grade.  I had enough going on with starting High School, which is when she promised she would leave after she had come back the first time back in fourth grade...  

The benefit to my mother's abandonment of my father and I, aside from;

We went two summers in a row... Divorce is screwed up.

The side benefits were all the other overtures of bonding and distraction my father engaged in.  Star Trek Conventions; every one within driving distance.  The local sci-fi convention called Archon, renting movies on a weekly or better basis, going to the movies would become more and more regular until being a weekly habit as well, including going to the movies on Christmas, the first of which was Godfather Part III.  We were looking forward to it for months!  We had a Godfather movie marathon the week prior... (It's number 62, out of 109)

Trivial side note:  Back then, I was saving the ads for movies from Entertainment Weekly.  Full page movie ads were, the movie poster.  Also back then, my father and I kept a list of movies we saw together on the front of the refrigerator, and would rank them at the end of the year.
Well, this was the last list of the '90's, 181 movies made it into the fave of the decade round; that's 16,290 matchups, of which this lot in blue below me is responsible for 3087 of, or 19%.  So, I'll get to that...
  1. The Hunt for Red October
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Dances with Wolves
  4. Back to the Future Part III
  5. Pump Up the Volume
  6. Total Recall
  7. Spaced Invaders
  8. By Dawn's Early Light
  9. Predator 2
  10. Memphis Belle
  11. Frankenstein Unbound
  12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  13. Gremlins 2: The New Batch
  14. RoboCop 2
  15. DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp
  16. Robot Jox
  17. Die Hard 2
  18. Treasure Island
  19. Edward Scissorhands
  20. White Hunter, Black Heart
  21. La Femme Nikita
  22. Dick Tracy
  23. Ghost
  24. Tremors
  25. The Rescuers Down Under
  26. A Dangerous Man: Lawrence after Arabia
  27. Quigley Down Under
  28. Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael
  29. Marked for Death
  30. Darkman
  31. Men at Work
  32. Young Guns II
  33. Reversal of Fortune
  34. Navy SEALs
  35. Dreams
  36. Narrow Margin
  37. Hard to Kill
  38. Kindergarten Cop
  39. Vincent & Theo
  40. Bird on a Wire
  41. Jetsons: The Movie
  42. The Bonfire of the Vanities
  43. Hamlet
  44. Quick Change
  45. I Come in Peace
  46. Postcards from the Edge
  47. Days of Thunder
  48. I Love You to Death
  49. Joe Versus the Volcano
  50. The Rookie
  51. Captain America
  52. The Guyver
  53. My Blue Heaven
  54. Air America
  55. Taking Care of Business
  56. Presumed Innocent
  57. Short Time
  58. Nuns on the Run
  59. Repossessed
  60. Blind Fury
  61. Nightbreed
  62. The Godfather Part III
  63. Home Alone
  64. Internal Affairs
  65. Mr. Destiny
  66. Green Card
  67. The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter
  68. Loose Cannons
  69. Pacific Heights
  70. Arachnophobia
  71. Fire Birds
  72. Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
  73. Mr. and Mrs. Bridge
  74. Goodfellas
  75. Rocky V
  76. The Freshman
  77. Ju Dou
  78. Miller's Crossing
  79. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
  80. The Russia House
  81. Awakenings
  82. Three Men and a Little Lady
  83. Another 48 Hrs.
  84. Look Who's Talking Too
  85. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
  86. Crash and Burn
  87. Misery
  88. Cyrano de Bergerac
  89. Flatliners
  90. Mermaids
  91. Lord of the Flies
  92. Cadillac Man
  93. Child's Play 2
  94. Henry & June
  95. The Two Jakes
  96. Blue Steel
  97. The Krays
  98. Jacob's Ladder
  99. Stanley & Iris
  100. Wild at Heart
  101. Wild Orchid
  102. The Witches
  103. Miami Blues
  104. Revenge
  105. White Palace
  106. Stella
  107. King of New York
  108. Problem Child
  109. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Legend: Onto the next Round! ( >/= .8) In the middle. I do NOT enjoy. (< / = .2)

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