I'm making the most definitive list of favorite movies ever.

For every year, I'm listing every movie I've seen and compare them all to each other asking one question; Which movie do I like more. Movies that score in the 80th percentile or higher, advance to the next round: Favorite of the Decade. After each Decade is done, an All Time list will be formed.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

WTF! Or Wow Transformers F#%&!ng....

They're Rock Lords.

Yes, this

Is this.

If you're him. So? They're Metorites? Why?

Better off Hibernating.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lining Hibernation...

I probably should have said this months ago, but I don't think anyone reads my blog so why would I?

I won't be blogging for awhile, mosly since I feel I have nothing to say. Seeing V for Vendetta certified that. I loved the movie, it had Natalie in it, and the Agent Smith guy and JOHN HURT! But since the movie had political themes that to say anything about, one way or another would put you in one corner or another... It's frustrating. No one in America can say anything without pissing someone off. Maybe not immediately, but years down the road. You could be blogging an opinion now, and be fired from a job you don't even have yet, years from now for what you'll blog tommorow. Besides, Clint Eastwood said "Opinions are like Assholes, everybody has one."

Well if Blogging = Opinionating then Blogger = Asshole? Or are Blogs like assholes to, because everyone has one... Then we'd be Assholes shitting assholes that are full of shit. Which I think I knew when I started the damn thing, that it was no better than birdcage lining.

I'll come back to blogging when I have something to say, and when I can ignore that nobody cares anyway.

Also, spam blogs, span replies and Blogger's security stuf took the fun out of it.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Comics Wednesday: Do you know where the closest shop is?

Gee, I haven't blogged in awhile... why? Well, I get so few comics, some weeks it wasn't worth saying that the Walking Dead continued along as it does, or that the Star Wars title of the week was good or bad... This week is pretty standard and almost every title I get right now except the Walking Dead. Besides, much of my free time has been eaten alive by Magic the Gathering and Katamari...

I've been in love with Transformers since the first blister pack of cassettes I opened in, what 1984? Two - thirds of my life I've loved these warring machines, and shit... TWO-THIRDS, shit, I'm even wearing a Decepticon T-Shirt right this second as I'm typing this and all I can say is that this book sucks shit, and is a waste of $2.99. Nearly complete crap. I'd comment on the story but for two issue in a row, the time it takes to read one... I've had longer orgasms. I'm male. That's like saying I've had longer sneezes. Anyone who knows me, will attest that that's probably the case as well. This book is actually trying to make transformers fans see them as an '80's pop gimmick and little more than it's cousins Street Hawk and Knight Rider. This has the quality of a bad episode of Airwolf. Transformers deserves more than simple nostalgic drivel. When Star Trek was the same age Transformers was last year. By that point it was well on it's way from being a 60's fad to a respected pillar of popular culture. Transformers is the Star Trek of the 80's. To bad it's biggest detractors seem to be running the show. Kinda makes it seem like the soulless creation of nobody but an impersonal corporation...

Republic 79 and 80 were note perfect!... Have I ever said all the things I LIKE about Quinlan Vos? All of them... I like him on Stargate Atlantis. And I, like everybody, loved his padawan. I also liked how Dark Horse killed him off in the movie adaption. Let me repeat that... Dark Horse killed him off in the movie adaption. Which doesn't matter... here's what "really happened"... whatever.

... See this is why I haven't been doing many of these posts.
I DIDN'T have anything to say about issue 38... since I had little to say about issue 37... and I CAN'T.... CAN'T even have an opinion until issue 40!. It would be stupid of me to try. It would show my stupidity. Is it good.... just as good as the 3 issues before it! Why can't I have an opinion? Cause it could have a stupid ending. I doubt it will, but I won't know for a month. Just like I'm not going to form an opinion yet of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic yet... I want to see where it goes... I'm not fully excited yet. The first issue was pedestrian... A friend of mine told me there was a surprise ending... of course, so does the cover. The cover of the issue is the ending. It's kinda like following a map to a destination and being surprised you got there. The problem I have with the KOTOR story arc, is it's set before the game. While I want to see this, I feel like I know how it turns out... I'll remain optimistic.

Oh... and Galactica probably should loose that "Best show on television" mantle... Surface kicked it's ass for over a month of new episodes straight. Catch Surface in reruns or however.. but just watch them in order...

Hey in an infinite number of better universes, Mary Hart is saying "And James Dean turned 75!" today on Entertainment Tonight.