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Friday, July 08, 2005

Fantastic Four expectations.

I'm seeing the damn thing tonight. At this point I want it to kick major ass. WotW was an asskicker that falls apart if anything more evolved than your brain stem happens to be recieving oxygen.
"Better than Daredevil." I hope I can say that.
"Wow, It wasn't pure shit."
Fear. There's only one really. That I'll say something along the lines of; " Doom always wanted power so he tried to be the most vicious and horrible movie of the year, but Zaphod Beeblebrox strangled him and said he kill Doom for looking at the spot."

Well, Mark called me up and suggested that we see it tonight at a time typically after his bedtime. So he has his defense mechanism in place. In case of suckage, sleep.

Tonight's review will be twofold. As a movie, and as a comic adaption. They've screwed the second one already, as for the first section, maybe they've made the changes to grow a mainstream FF. I'll be THAT open minded. MAYBE they changed the FF for the red-states or the flyovers or the NCAA, or whatever term for a group nobody in the meeting fit into.
"Lets make the FF more AARP!"

Predicted number of John Byrne issues of FF read by the makers of this film: NONE.

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