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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Trailer: V for Vendetta / Mirrormask

I feel like the worst fanboy ever. Ever. I've been reading comics most of my life, and I've never read this one. Not once. Okay, I wasn't into the Hellblazer comics that much either... but my HSGF was and she'd tell me about them enough that I didn't need to read them. I think I had From Hell and V really confused. V seemed to really appeal to comic book snobs who probably hated whatever you were reading. Don't tell me Uncanny X-Men and John Byrne sucked back then and ecpect me to give a chance to your pompous crap. V for Vendetta. "I'll never read it."

After watching the movie thailer, I can't get my hand's on it soon enough.

Watch V for Vendetta, and try to tell me that "Vertigo DC Comics" isn't building to be the BEST imprint in comic book movies! (So long as we can dodge "Return of Swamp Thing" be grandfathered into the line;) ) Seriously, After Constantine, and my hopes now for V, I know Vertigo hasn't fired their biggest guns yet. So, if you are incapable of entering a comic book store for fear of gaining a soul; Here are some great movies to potentially come out... Transmetropolitan, We 3 (88 has been RAVING about this to me for awhile), Preacher, Death, and the BIGGEST GUN they have SANDMAN. SANDMAN should get 10 movies, each costing 200 million dollars, featuring the greatest artists in film and directors being whores to Neil Gaiman ala the Frank Miller Robert Rodriguez colaboration on Sin City.

Or Dave McKean could just do it. BTW, if you want to know what it's like to learn that your eyes have been DYING OF THIRST FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE, AND YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHAT A DRINK WAS UNTIL YOU SAW THE TRAILER FOR MIRRORMASK!!!! Click there, and don't blink.

Back to V for Vendetta. Before you think "Hey asshole, you didn't say anything about this movie being from those fucks who killed the Matrix!!!"

I'm going to do something unexpected; say something nice about the Wachowski brothers. They get a bad rap. The first Matrix was just too good. Most filmmakers could never follow up on it. Let's face it, two better filmmakers are contemplating sequel ideas that we're already laughing and saying WTF about. (Gladiator and E.T. 2, but now that I think about it, a E.T. meets Gladiator series would just make more sense than a direct sequel to either of those!)

The brother's Wachowski are comicbook fanboys. They'd be the last people to piss on Alan Moore. Well, I hope they are. I was sure wrong about the guys who turned Douglas Adams into a urinal puck earlier this year.

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