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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Could G4 vanish???

Time Warner just won a case in the New York Supreme court against AMC since they changed content a few years ago... going fro Really old movies to old movies. So, what does this mean to G4. Cable and satellite providers who didn't carry G4, a network devoted to coverage of Video-games, but carried TechTV, a channel devoted to Computers, technology and video-games, now carry G4.

So, if you start to see a show or two dealing with general computing come to G4... Be Shocked!!! Cause it's probably going to happen, so their ass isn't kicked off of any provider who doesn't care. I say kill Judgement Day. No one likes it. At least no one I can carry on a good conversation about X-Play with. Make the guys on Judgement day review java applications and new inkjets. It'd give them a needed ratings boost.

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