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Friday, September 02, 2005

Sheesh, this week...

This is supposed to be a trivial little blog... usually I post every day or every other day. A number of reasons for my neglect this week really. One; my personal rules for the content of this blog, and in a time of National crisis, it's hard to think of movies to bitch about, or even care to do so. The Daily show was coincidentally on hiatus this week, I dont watch the bland inoffensiveness of Jay Leno... I'm not going to get to political, or talk about Katrina for too long... but even here in St. Louis, I'm wondering how worried we should be about the effects of this, economically on ourselves. Aeghty Aeght has canceled our mallwalks until things settle down... Sure, the news looks bad, and a lot of people are up shit's creek right now, but cities have been destroyed before, they get rebuilt. I wondering why they don't turn New Orleans into the nations landfill. Seriously. Divert ALL trash and waste there. Fill it up. Then, rebuild.

Anyway, I've decided, with the help of a DVR married to Spike TV... to give a chance and watch every episode of... Deep Space Nine... If you JUST heard a thud, it was Nap collapsing. Nap, if you're wondering why, one number... 4400.

Well... hopefully I'll see a movie or something at some point... maybe I'll just start doing comics reviews here.

Oh, Keypunch Monkey thought I was picking on sports fans? Which is odd considering I was complaining basically about how they pick on nerds.

Oh... one LAST reason I've been posting a little less. I've been trying Firefox, and the Google toolbar spellchecker has a problem with the "Create" tab in Blogger. I'm doing this in IE. I don't know which I like better yet... but I tried Thunderbird, and it kicked Outlook Express to the curb.

One last thought..... in the Google toolbar spellchecker... if you don't capitalize Google, it marks it as wrong!!!!

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