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Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Fall Season Pre-thoughts...

Sorry, haven't posted in awhile... blame Keypunch. He lent me Sims 2 and that thing is pure pixelated crack. Just building houses... I could go for an expansion complicating the house building to where you put in attics and secret passages, worry about the plumbing and sinkholes and the driveway and even where to put the water heater and air ducts... none of those things are in the game, but I found myself wishing they were. Maybe Keypunch fired this shot off since he thinks EVERYTHING I type here is a complaint... I'm not that bad, am I??

So, I'm gonna complain about sports for a second... Every fall I bitch about Football making 60 Minutes late every Sunday. I hate it. Especially now that West Wing has moved to 7:00PM-C on SUNDAY. So, I EXPECTED a damn football game to push 60 minutes back even tonight... and low and behold... It DIDN'T.... 60 Minutes was 21 minutes late for TENNIS. Tennis?

I've known and heard of plenty of people who live... fucking LIVE for FOOTBALL. The entire Video Game industry has a holiday called "Madden" (according to Nap, but I believe him.) Even I had some fair-weather fan love and obsession the first time the Rams went to the Superbowl... What I'm saying is, I know I'm a freak to have a penis and not love this damn tradition, but I do appreciate that many others freak out over it... enough for it to bully around the whole TV timetable. Did I miss tennis getting this kind of love?

I'll try to be more attentive to these pages... sorry for the lapse...

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