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For every year, I'm listing every movie I've seen and compare them all to each other asking one question; Which movie do I like more. Movies that score in the 80th percentile or higher, advance to the next round: Favorite of the Decade. After each Decade is done, an All Time list will be formed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

DVD: Monster in Law

I feel ill still. Not as bad as the feeling of someone taking an axe and splitting open my chest... that's how it felt to watch this piece of shit.

Hate someone? Anyone? Just want them worse than dead? Find a copy of this in a trashcan and give it to that person. My father recommended this to me. He must hate me more than I thought. He must really hate me.

Shit blood. That's how awful this thing is. I mean it. This isn't a bad movie. This is really painful... it was for me at least. I HATE watching people be picked on and abused in movies. Then the bully has some change of heart and everything is hunky dory... Fuck that. Jane Fonda's character didn't need some moral turnaround... she needed to be tortured to death. An axe murder would have improved this movie....

Ooooooo Best yet, when J-Lo goes in to tell her fiance that she won't marry him... she screams how it's all his mothers fault and puts a pistol in her mouth and paints the ceiling with her brain, driving the son to pour gasoline over his mother and light her... It wouldn't improve the movie that much... It'd be an ending that let you enjoy the fact that the characters suffered as much as you the viewer.

BTW.... The title SUCKS. At no point except the last five SECONDS is Jane Fonda her In-Law!!!! and then, thanks to your cheese ball ending... She's not a monster anymore!

I think HHGTTG just lost the Worst of the Year rank.... gee, that movie fails at everything.

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