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Monday, September 05, 2005

It's almost gone...

I haven't been posting much. Two of the last three times I went to a movie theater, I saw Star Wars. Our family has dropped a chunk on tickets, popcorn, and soda, not to mention time on this little flick, and haven't regretted a drop of it. It's a joy. Sure, by the sixth time, the duration from the "I'm pregnant" all the way to the sunset while Windu and the Jedi posse are on their way to lynch Palpy does get long in the tooth. But the sunset scene does what so many OT fans wanted with the PT... it's horrible painful death. I loved the prequels. I did hate how it looked like they'd never really connect. The fact that they do, by the end of this movie, amazes me every time. I do have one big... BIG bitch to the fine folks at Lucasfilm... Why don't we get the Drew Stuzan art on the DVD covers????

But, if you want to see a real piss poor job of giving respect to his work, try the Dreamwave book of his collected works... It's like they took a directory of unsorted art files, and printed them in a random order... they're not even sorted or have the title of the movie with them.

Oh well. I'd apologize for not posting more, but the big thing to talk about right now is the Hurricane. Go, watch some coverage... like Bill Maher said Friday night; "We [may have] got our press corps back!"

One other thing has been on my mind this week as far as bloggable things go... so tune in in a day or so for

"Why Deep Space Nine SUCKED THEN and doesn't now! (And STILL sucks for the time it came out in!!!)" See me Flip flop and not flip flop all at the same time, cause damn it... I'm a gonna... Fuck... You're gonna realize, if you enjoyed DS9, what a mistake it was to watch it then... It'll be a massive entry... see ya in a couple days... I'm gonna get some holiday BBQ tonight.

Oh. have you noticed Call for Help is back on G4, and it's with... Leo!!!!! Ya, I was shocked too. Apparently the show had come back on G4-Canada... which is apparently different than G4. But their American counterpart is airing the Canadian CFH.

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