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Friday, August 19, 2005

Xena on Galactica

Boy, I do love the casting car wreck that is the current Sci-Fi crop. Richard Hatch from the classic Galactica being on the new one. The cast of Farscape basically walking out of a Stargate, to find Romy (Lexa Doig) as their doctor (and she had an appearance on 4400)... Hell Stargate was even able to eek out some Louis Gossett Jr. for us. That's some classic TV geek cred since he was one of the leads in The Powers of Matthew Star. Well... even though Kevin Sorbo is off the map for now (new baby on the way), Sci-Fi Channel was recently boasting that Xena, Lucy Lawless, is going to be on Galactica!!! PROBLEM! You might not be able to recognize her... Here's some help.

Yes, that's her. :)

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