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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Movie: Steamboy

Back in May, I saw Kingdom of Heaven. It's blog entry was almost entirely about a films pedigree. Well, after a 16 year wait, the guy who made Akira crawled out of his hole, didn't see his shadow, and made another feature. I've had the DVD since it came out, but waited to watch it with family. This was a special occasion. I still remember coming home with that first VHS of AKIRA. My first viewing, the first week I had it. Akira is one of my favorite movies. So, if you've seen Akira, I tend not to pay attention to movies... Then This is NOT what Steamboy is... Kaneda did not get telleported to an alternate Manchester England of 1866 where the Colonel has become A) Breetai from Robotech, B) Darth Vader C) His Father D) All of the above, piled up in a cathouse orgy of WTF!!! But, at NO point will I bitch about the characters, including the rich bitch girl who DOESN'T know weapons actually kill people. Maybe that work, it's 1866 and she's dress up like a slut in the making. Nothing but pink can touch her ass.
I bought this movie sight unseen, regardless of reviews. Based solely on Otomo's name. Whether I ever thought about wanting my money back while watching it tonight is a private matter. I won't drone on about it, for I've had to much droning. I won't go into the unspecial features... and lets see.... Nap would be pissed if I didn't say something nice... The backgrounds are amazing. It's an amazing film to watch. It just doesn't do much. It's BIG, and LOUD, with great sound... but.... It's not the layered multi-faceted amaze-fest Akira was. This is visual, and occasionally kinetic.
I don't disslike this movie at all. It's good. I'll repeat....
Got that. But, it's not Otomo.... well, not AKIRA. This is the sad reckoning, that there will never be another AKIRA, and that Otomo, is no where close to being what we really wanted him to be, another Miyazaki.
I hope Otomo does more anime, more frequently than this... I don't want to be nearly fifty the next time I see one.
Rent it. At least to see how pretty the pictures are.

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