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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Google Earth as an eye on history.

If you don't have Google Earth, I can't recommend a more entertaining or cheaper download. If we had had tools like this in grade school... Anyway, once you get past looking at your friends houses and figuring out if your girlfriends' car was in front of a friends house back in winter of '01-'02, or looking down on every MLB stadium to catch batting practice in session... and after you've noticed the Capitol Building is mosaiced but Area 51 isn't... or that there are some surprisingly clear pictures of North Korea, I mean stunning... you can see more shit there than in Indiana... (spooky voice) We're WATCHING YOU!!!! AFTER you've done all of that... Look at the world, the places you hear about on the news all the time, look at the countries...

They're BROWN. They're DIRT. It doesn't take long to realize that aside from Europe, Canada, US, Japan and New Zealand this planet is a piece of SHIT. Okay a CHUNK of China looks okay too... but most of this planet looks uninhabitable, there are moons of Jupiter and many parts of Mars looking friendlier than anyplace ending in -stan. You might even begin associating problems in the world with the amount of ugly a country has. Results may vary, either way Google earth is a cool toy.

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