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Saturday, August 13, 2005

DVD: Meet the Fockers

Mourning period over. Back to the soul of this lil blog.... what was it? Oh, movies and such. So I saw Meet the Fockers today. My DVD player was having a helluva time, as it does with borrowed DVD's. It's old and has little tolerence for how others store their collections, seemingly face down in birdcages. I haven't seen Meet the Parents. Actually, this may sound odd, but I don't GUSH over DeNiro, or even Hoffman. I've always liked their work, but it has always felt like a requsite love fest for both of these men. If you LOVE film, you gush like a Bratz doll over DeNiro. Screw that. Really. Actually there's nobody I really GUSH over... maybe some actresses... you know what. I'm in a bad mood. You'll be here when I get back, I'm gonna take a few minutes, maybe when I get back, I can FORCE myself to be a good moivie geek and GUSH over Robert De Niro. Okay, I'm back... boy, a phone call with Eighty-Eight can sure kill time. I'm in a better mood... wait, straing to LOVE De Niro, and... nope. Nothing. He's so good at what he does, so why don't I gush over these great actors who set the bar. Simple, that's really where the bar should be. He's a great actor, yes, but I won't gush. It's sad that we live in a world that when people do their job well it's exceptional. It's just a reminder that most people do a shittty job at anything. We brag when auto mechanics or dentists do their job well for us, when they don't screw us out of a couple bills for work that didn't need to be done. The shyster has become the norm. Phoning it in is expected. C averages and 100 IQ's all around! Yay. Expecting mediocrity leads to gushing over proffesionals. With this movie, everything is on a proffesional level. It was funny, and that was it's job. It made us laugh. We had a good time. I could complain, but comedy shouldn't be held to surgical critisism if it works. Here, it works, so why even dwell on anything to complain about? Any critic who sees a comedy and can write a positive critism, didn't really enjoy it. They're lying. With comedy it's either, I laughed or I didn't and here's a lengthy explination why you would never wish this torture on white collar criminals. It's a worthy rent. Worth more recorded off of cable. Worthless on commercial TV, as if it should ever be shown there. Okay, fine, I DO have a bone to pick with this movie... would it have been TOO MUCH to get Gwyneth Paltrow in these two movies. Have her play her mother's daughter? I've nothing against Teri Polo, except she doesn't look like Blythe Danner. I guess I should say something nice to... GUSH over something.... This is Andrew Neskoromny's BEST art direction to date. The whole art department and set design team did a damn fine job, and their work is ussually overlooked. Oh, and yes of course De Niro and Hoffman kick tail in this... they were cast, and showed up. They did what they always do, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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