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Monday, February 28, 2005

TV: 2005 Oscars

Every year, this is one of my favorite holidays, and I try to treat it as such. I love movies, the most visual of all the visual arts, a form that was multimedia nearly 70 years befor the term was around. It's been a life long love affair. There are plenty of comments on-line about the awards... we all root for different teams, that's the fun of watching awards shows, they're the closest these arts come to being sports. Just a few notes to the academy...

If the award is given during the telecast, it's important enough to be given on stage!!! Make-up or live action short aren't real awards anymore? "Here congratulations, next year don't bother getting up." Is the first step to having 3 hours of commercials proceeding a rushed reading of the winners all at once? The Oscars used to sit out on a table, go back to that, rush through a reading of the winners and let them pick up the trophy on their way to the door... presenting off the stage... HOW CHEAP. NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

Next thing, One song per musical performer. I don't care who it is, it's not a concert of them. If you can't get 5 acts for 5 songs, save us half an hour.

...Oh the stage gathering of nominees... You guy's aren't thinking of having Ryan Seacrest host anytime soon, are you? A yes answer would be bad.

If you're an Academy awards planner or something similar or related, you may be scanning the blogs thinking, just say what you thought of Chris Rock, that's the only thing we care about... Well, you worried about the wrong thing. Chris Rock was fine. He's not a Billy Crystal, but he's far better than Whoopi or Letterman. Although if you want to screw with the format, try Letterman hosting while sitting down. Do the whole show in Late night talk show format. Ask the make-up nominees, they know what respect you have for Oscar...

Oh, BTW to whoever produces Red Carpet shows... the field was basically crap this year, so would someone please do...

"Queer Eye on the Red Carpet" Have Carson at the entrance complimenting and hugging everyone, sayin how fabulous they look. Have the rest of the Fab Five sitting in a loft watching Carson on CCTV speaking the truth about who's hot and who's not. Not just on fashion either, but the whole gossipy showbiz spectrum!!!

No solid concept here, but some viewers just don't give a damn who the designer of the gown is. Many of those viewers, who also watch G4, like Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb... This seems simple.

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