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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Trailer : HHGTTG...

Over at Amazon they have an exclusive on the new Hitchhiker's Guide Trailer. Now, this summer is just shaping up to be a beautiful treat, practically heaven in terms of movies I've dreamed of seeing for quite some time; HHGTTG, Episode 3, and the surprise treat War of the Worlds from that Animaniac, his holiness. The teaser to HHGTTG while being just music and some graphics was still nearly spot on... so how's the first actual trailer?

Is it going to be to American? Vogon ships... I liked the yellow color... "Express way?" What was wrong with Bypass. A classic line has already fallen.... Okay the Vogon fleet looks SWEET!!! This music needs to be burned... Never in a trailer again... Okay vogon interiors... Nice.. Woah! Pastel Guide. Mac OS 12.... The Heart of Gold, suddenly I have that "Lost in Space" feel, dunno why... Men in Black music started playing and suddenly the air went out of my sail.... I want this movie to rule to badly... But was that the restaurant we got a glimpse of??? I hope the FX are still a work in progress since a number of shots in the trailer looked iffy... And after Spielberg dropped a highway on a subdivision at the Superbowl, Mostly anything won't cut it this summer. Unless Fantastic Four only Mostly Sucks, than it'll suck a whole lot less than I think it will.

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