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Saturday, February 19, 2005

DVD Rented: The Terminal

... I'm at a loss for things to say. You've heard of the movie and know who's in it, if you didn't, what the heck would me typing anything about it matter to you? See. As far as the movie goes... it's okay. I think it's okay. The movie is nice, very pretty, entertaining, if slightly cartoonish... no, not cartoonish... eh like the American President felt like an older movie, this one does to. It’s very romantic comedyish. no "Oooooh, How Spielbergian!"

I'm avoiding the topic.... When I sat down I was a little pissed at this coaster of a rental... It's a total platter. It might as well be a VHS tape! I own a movie or two like this willingly, but Spielberg has this little pseudo war with DVD fans, we love his movies and he won't do commentaries. But on this there's NOTHING. Well there's French... Not even a trailer! Behind the scenes documentaries are more than trivial, if that's the way he may see them, they (the good ones, not the infomercials for the movie) are the greatest way of showing how much effort, and dedication by so many people goes into the movie... Oh fuck that. I'm not going to be sentimental here, Special features are the icing on the cupcake! No one would eat cupcakes without it. People like DVD cause of the candy... WHAAAAAAAAAaaaa. Terminal! Waaaaaa! I Didn't get my candy! Waaaaaaaaa!

Sensless Whining about total shit.

That's a textbook Blog. Can you believe Blog posts are reported as news. They never reported on bathroom graffiti, Ham radio chatter, playground banter, or what their mother was told by their aunt Helen at the hair salon. To think of all the important news we missed before the internet. What percentage of what passes as news today is opinion... usually outrage. I'm offended by the news media reporting every time some inane group is offended. Hear my outrage!!! Report it... someone’s pissed off in America, have an old white guy and a young dweeb in a bow tie yell about it for half an hour...

This was supposed to be about Spielberg's The Terminal.

Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) waited at gate 67 for nearly 10 months to get into America, for his dedication to his father's love for an American form of music that hit it's peak popularity around 70 years ago. 70 years from now, no one on earth will have any love for the rile-media of modern America... unless they're a history buff looking for where we went wrong. I could just fucking cry.

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