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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Trailer: Star Wars Episode III (The OC)

This summer in movies looked like such a treat... but as a lifetime long SW fan, I wasn't looking forward to the new movie with the zeal that I would expect to feel. Actually after seeing the first trailer, I didn't care so much. The first trailer went : "Here look at Episode IV... (mmm stroking past glory), hell we're so desperate, look at Episode II... (more past glory) excited yet? No, well don't worry yoda will fight a little, and Wookies and the planet Mordor will be there, give up eight bucks." And you think, I will, I'll even like it, and buy the DVD. Gotta finish this thing out... I mean, I do love SW right? Then came the OC. I had never watched this show before. Now, since I am a geek, and love comics, role playing games and Star Wars movies and the like, I've been accused of being... basically "detached from reality" At least by people who seem like they might enjoy a show like the OC. I haven't seen enough of the show to even know wether I'd like it or not, and can't attest to the week to week quality of the program, but The loves and day to day dilemmas of really beautiful teens with wealthy parents isn’t reality either. Of course the other night as I was buying a soda at the gas station (a daily sometimes twice daily habit) after checking my lottery tickets, (I spend two bucks every week or so… a “what the hell” sort of thing…) the woman in front of me spent $21 dollars on her [weekly?] lottery habit. There’s a detachment from reality. That’s spending 1040 dollars a year… With intrest It’s round $13,500 That she could have had in the bank after 10 years… Another 10 years of this and it’d be 42,504.78!!

Hey asshole! You waste money you could be saving to… Yes. I do. But when I waste money, like most of us, my goal is not to earn money with it. When buying lottery tickets, the goal is gaining money.

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