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Sunday, February 13, 2005

DVD Rented: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (part 2)

Part 1 is an entry or so down....

So here I am with a pork steak watching the special features on ESOTSM, a movie I enjoyed, and respected, and judging from it’s rank on the IMDB a few other people have to. At the time I’m writing this, 17,423 people have given the movie a user rating of 10, that 17 THOUSAND people are 46.1% of the people who’ve bothered to give it a rating…
Some of us I’m sure have paid money to see theatrically, rent a DVD or worst yet, though not in my case here, actually purchase the film. I’m not going to bother getting sales figures for the disc, actually I’d appreciate a good link to where that information is handy… Am I bitching that the movie is well liked? No. I need to put this a different way.

Dear Media Conglomerates,
We the consumer are so endlessly pelted with your constant advertising, cross media tie-ins, and market driven entertainment, that imagination is dying on the emergency room table. Children and adults of all demographics are finally, 56 years after the Howdy Doody officially came on the air, virtually everyone in the country is a zombie without the imagination to appreciate most of the manufactured entertainment you produce.
So please, refrain from putting commercials for the entertainment product, in the product, at least the ones that are disguised as documentaries anyway. Sure we like the inclusion of the original movie trailers, and TV spots, especially on movies we’re nostalgic about.
Suddenly I’m defending commercials in the product… I’m one of their zombies too.
--never mind.

But, it pisses me off when we get refried promotional materials passed off as documentaries, especially on a good movie. So the movie, in this case ESOTSM, is rated R. Kate Winslet says “Fuck” a pretty good deal of the time. In a future entry, I’ll describe what an effective word that is. Since she does say it, on the disc… why bleep it in the documentary?
One last thing, some of the talent were bragging how the film had no “green screens” or special effects. Jim Carrey’s top grossing movie is; The Grinch $260 MILLION. Kate Winslet’s, Titanic with $600 million. Elijah Wood’s Return of the King, $377 times a million, and Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man which grossed 8 billion nickels. Each of them have had their greatest success with FX movies, and I love the three top grossing, of their top grossing movies. Sorry Mr. Carrey… I’m not a fan of the Grinch… actually I guess I do like you without green screens.

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