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Friday, February 25, 2005

TV: Enterprise

The following was a chat about Enterprise had with a friend, who needs a blog of his own ;)

ladage: so did you see enterprise tonight?
p3orion: Hell ya
ladage: well what did you think
p3orion: In an ideal world it would have been a 4 episode arc, with a whole chunk of action on the Klingon homeworld, and like I originally said, way back when... Have only a big chunk of klingons infected, and have the Klingon augments overthrow the empire... Regardless of that... It still could have felt less rushed... As a 2 parter it felt very berman (get it done in 2) like back in the day.
p3orion: Awesome action with the Columbia though...
p3orion: No real consistency with the Section 31 plot...
p3orion: Felt like the story would have played out the same way if not better w/o it...
p3orion: There's a real sense of cramming in wish lists.
p3orion: With little time to go
p3orion: The Vulcan arc was such high art...
p3orion: These plots with the Andorians and Klingons.. Should have been done over a much longer pace...
p3orion: Feels like a ripoff that the Xindi get over a season
p3orion: and the federation history is getting cliffnotes
ladage: good point
p3orion: I appreciate why they're doing it....
p3orion: Section 31 and Malcom just didn't feel like a 2 parter subplot... It seemed like it was on the table as a Season 5 Subplot
p3orion: Hell the whole Klingon thing and Andorian thing may have been for all we know.
p3orion: I'm not unhappy with the episode... Like any Enterprise fan I'm savoring what remains...
p3orion: but the end is a stick in the craw
p3orion: PLUS SIDE to CANCELLATION!!!!!!!!!!!
p3orion: We're not getting masturbation of the cast episodes every to every other week...
p3orion: TNG, I'm thinking of your season 7!
p3orion: But, that was at the end of a dignified run.
ladage: no we get it in guest spots
p3orion: ???
ladage: Frakes and Sirits in the final episode
p3orion: ya...
p3orion: I told ya... They're sitting around going through a photo album
p3orion: OH shit....
p3orion: NO!!!!!!!!!
p3orion: I BET YOU!
p3orion: They're helping their kid with a history paper!
p3orion: The WHOLE series...
p3orion: Holodeck history for a 4th grade paper on Jonathan Archer!
ladage: that sounds very berman like
p3orion: He's writing the episode...
p3orion: I could cry...
ladage: I know
ladage: well I am going to watch my tape of sci fi channel you have a good night
p3orion: nite

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