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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thoughts on Tim Russert and Stan Winston (and my cat)

Tim Russert

There's one other post I've done like this, and it was for Peter Jennings. Peter was my favorite, ever for a long time, and his torch of unbiased honesty was carried by very few, and we've increasingly lived through times that have made unbiased objectivity harder and harder to hold onto much less to find. He was Washington's ombudsman, and when comparing all the talking heads of politics... he wasn't one. He spoke with an almost alien efficiency, so many espicially on cable speak in circles and fill time with redundancies and hyperbole. He spoke to either get information, or convey it, expertly at both. I will, as so many, miss him dearly. I didn't know the man personally, but like we all allow so many other, their work becomes a part of our lives. He was the main event of my Sunday morning, usually accompanied by a bowl of ravioli for breakfast.

Stan Winston

As a teen in the late eighties, Stan Winston's name associated with a movie was like a stamp that said "Certified Cool". He cleared the brush off a good chunk of the path to geekdom. Movies he worked on are the movies that non-geeks look at, and think, "They're not so bad." Hell, they're the geek movies that non geeks own, that you can talk about to non-geeks. These people may not know every plot point of the first Terminator, or name the planet in Aliens, but they know what the creatures looked like. He was one of the stars of Starlog and in a pantheon of the guys like Harryhausen, Trumbull, Dykstra, Tippett, and Baker, playing with the coolest fucking job ever, playing with the coolest toys ever.

Tim Russert... Friday.
Stan Winston... and my cat D'Lerium... Sunday.

What a fucking shitty weekend.

Rest in peace all three.

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