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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OMG! The Anti Geeky EVERYTHING conspiracy Killed EVERYONE! (Maybe, Maybe not, but look at this)

Well, if you think that the word is going to choke to death on Gasoline. Here's what completely SUCKS, if they'd just build futuristic looking cars... geeky looking cars... Well...

Honda Civic Hack

Do auto makers just assume we'd rather DIE with boring looking cars. Yes, this guys Honda looks like, well, crap, but he did it himself. Every auto company could have nice looking professionally built versions of this by next year.

The big thing that rips my head open about seeing this, is the Why? WHY HAVEN'T auto makers done this. WHY?

A Smart Executive wouldn't talk to me, but A Stupid Executive commented; "Ooooo an aerodynamic looking car might look futuristic, Nerd might sleep happier, and I beat up NERDS!"

Do ALL non geeks think this way? I went to the bobblehead filled chambers of power of the Anti-Geek Council, with pennant covered walls and empty beer kegs, and a sign saying they were convening at Hooters.

So I went to Hooters, where three guys who never went to college run the GLOBAL anti-geek conspiracy:

Why can't we have futuristic looking cars, do you have something against things looking cool?

Head of Non-Geek council: "Shut up! And keep the computers running! We throw out a couple movies for you cave dwelling imbeciles. Now Go Away."

But, you could have made cars look this cool for the past 20 years, and we'd have polluted less, and have more money to spend on other things. You're basically killing us, by making sure that America doesn't look like it was built by ... geeks.

President of Rid the world of geeks: "Will all of you eat some of the wings? Who's paying anyway?"

Anti-Geek Conspiracy Chairman "By insuring this world doesn't look like it's run by grown men who buy toys, we... we..."

What? Sustain sexual viability to your wife? Have an easier time raising your sons to be bullies? There's NO EXCUSE.

And if I were to blame anything but an anti geek conspiracy, I'd start feeling paranoid.

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