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Monday, June 23, 2008

Baskin Robbins would not do G.I. Joe like this!

Oh yea, this really looks like G.I.Joe... Gets my shit on FIRE! This...


If J.J. Abrahms, gave us a cantina full of aliens, and Phaser Sabers and mystical powers, We'd hate it! Not because we hate Star Wars, but because Star Wars is Not Star Trek.

Go. Go tonight to Baskin Robbins. Order a flavor. Now. Did they give you the flavor they wanted to give you, or the one you ASKED for?

Baskin Robbins doesn't tell you what flovor you're getting when you order something different. Starbucks doesn't say; "Sir, your coffee would taste better if you ordered this..." So, why do YOU do this.

We WANT a G.I. Joe movie. We enjoy Splinter Cell.
This does not look like G.I. Joe.

But, it could just be the poster.

Yes, I had a knee-jerk reaction to something early on Transformers, and that turned out scrumdiddlyumptious. So, maybe this post is just knocking on wood.

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