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Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie: Incredible Hulk

Eight years ago, Ang Lee gave us Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I loved it, many did, but I had excitedly asked an Asian friend of mine one of those; "Didn't you just love it?" questions. He told me Crouching Tiger was complete shit. CTHD was a bag of the stalest cliche's ever crammed into a asian movie. Then, a few years later, after Hulk, I believed him. The first 20 minutes the last 20 minutes and most parts in between them are some of the worst movie ever... but that's Hulk (2003).

This Hulk, the INCREDIBLE HULK, is awesome. But, I gotta say, the "Too much CG" crowd. They suck as a demographic, they're a bunch of fucktards who don't even know what they're talking about, ever, on anything. I'm not talking about you, I mean that other fuck, the one you don't like. If the sun had just exploded, and one of them said the world was about to end, I'd have doubts, cause one of them said it. If they'd say "I wish the FX were better, what can be done to enhance the beliveability of these CG creatures?" Then they've returned to sanity.

Hulk's FX are a little more quantity than quality, but it's more then good enough. And if you NEED a 10 foot green man to look more believable than this to accept him, your imagination is dead in the corner of your brain. Wait, they're all the same evil pricks who think Aliens don't belong in Indiana Jones... you're the Golgafrincham. The B Ark. This movie ruled. Not Iron Man good. But damn, GET ON THE NEXT HULK MOVIE MARVEL!

Marvel score TWO for TWO... The only perfect studio in Hollywood. Wait does Lucasfilm count???

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