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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hulk Smashes Love Guru

Hulk, and the Marvel plan has problems. Box Office Mojo has a showdown chart, and with the movies he's against on the list, well, it's soft opposition. At day 10, Iron Man was 80 Million past that. I've never made a habit of blogging about box office, but I've never been so enamored with the concept Marvel's rolling out. It's one of the best ideas in movie history. A living superhero universe on screen. The Marvel experience in the theaters, with the characters feeling less "adapted" and more accurate then we've ever had ANY Superheros before. Batman (every time) and Superman, X-Men and Spiderman were all sell-out adaptions. Iron Man has changed everything. This Hulk, the Incredible Hulk veers his franschise in that direction, but is Marvel packing the movie snow here too tight?

How Many Mighty Marvel Masterpieces fit into one summer?

Two to Three a year hasn't been that bad so far, but alot of the audience has been alacarte viewers, picking and choosing the Marvel Movie Mayhem. As we get closer to the Avengers, will the films become more intertwined? They'll surley have more of a spotlight on them, and that may create the impression that Marvel is doing more films than you have been, that you're trying to overkill something... I realise that we've had the 2.5movies per year formula for oh... 2002. 6 years, and the Mad Marvel Machine rolls on stronger and stronger.

Which brings us to the 50% occupied glass of the title of this article, Hulk smashed the Love Guru. This has to be clearly to the Hulks advantage. It's not Completely clear if Hulk of Panda won second place, and Get Smart did no damage. This is a little sad for Steve Carell, but I don't think his Box office is any commentary on him. I swear, people are coming around to the way I see comedy. Watch them at home, the laughs aren't any bigger on sixty feet of screen. To much mainstream comedy is obvious, lowbrow, gutteral or well, fart jokes. It's tiring.

So Congrats Hulk, for kicking the ass of Love Guru. Both Smart and Guru would have done better, NOT coming out in the same weekend, but Marvel, beware your own shadow. You're on the mainstream radar, like a frontrunning political candidate, so now, the media will want to KILL YOU!

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