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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Redboxed: Juno

Hold on, had a thought here, and I have to figure out it it's plagiarism or a Cliché. Gimmie sec... Googling; "Juno After-school-special"

Hmmm "1 - 10 of about 6,320 for Juno After-school-special. (0.37 seconds)"

Cliché! So.

Now, from scanning the search results there's two clear camps, that it was or was not an After School special. One friend said "lifetime movie".

Either way, Every joke or comment I had heard about this movie was about the use of slang. Aside from the one douche in the opening scene, it was far from as thick as other media made it out to be, so, part of me was a little disappointed that the dialogue sounded so much flatter than I was expecting.

Way to screw a comedy, comedy. Other than that, it made me feel old, when I identified more with the parents than the kids. So, we're done talking now. One other thought; if Jennifer Garner was supposed to be such a bitch, why do we still feel okay with her having the baby? She's going to be a craptastic mother. Awful really. She's one of those dumb fucks who has to re-define their life when ever they believe society mandates it. "Oh, I'm a teen now, I must put away childish things and, I must listen to what is popular, and were this brand make-up, and blow these boys, for it is expected of me." The she gets to college, sleeps with a new guy every three days until she meets "the one" and moves into "We're married now, we're adults. I will read the newspaper (for the first damn time in her life..), attend a church of my choice, and dress... sensibly." These are people who want their life completely dictated by some roadmap society issues. Life, you have my address; my copy got lost ages ago and I've been winging it, but I'd be curious to see all the boring crap I've missed.

C.J. Craig and J. Jonah Jameson should have raised the kid.

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