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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Michael Turner

Carlin, Russert, Winston Fuck this has been a fatal summer... and now Michael Turner. 37 years old. Turner was one of the superstars that kept comics alive during the nineties after the crash. I loved this man's art, I loved the way it looked like he drew not with ink on paper, but with some smooth oily dark matter across celestial crystal. That, and (aside from his awesome displays of technology, machines, epic hyper detailed landscapes, rock faces, and beasts of every kind) his women. God did not craft woman to be as sexy as Michael Turner did, Turner was a god of sexy women.

I used to do caricatures for events like corporate picnics and High School all night lock-ins. The pay was wonderful, and it was kinda fun. And I've always said, High School parties were the easiest functions, you don't have to focus on drawing the teenage girl in front of you, just put her hair style on a Michael Turner girl. That's what all teenage girls want to believe they look litke to the world. I did it every time, fat, thin, pretty or fugly, draw the girl as a Micheal Turner Girl, and all her friends will squeal and say "Oooo It looks just like you!".

This sucks. And I really regret never having gotten to meet him.

A Michael Turner Gallery


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