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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Movie: Dungeons & Dragons (2): Wrath of the Dragon God

The following was overheard at Normal People HQ;
"Men, it's a sequel to Dungeons and Dragons. The first one sucked, but didn't suck hard enough to cause those gaming geeks to just kill themselves and get out of our way. Then that Lord of the Rings crap made them look so normal that Best Buy brags that they employ them, and Nicholas Cage even named his kid after a comic book character. If we DON'T stop this at once, people who read, and have imaginations might be... everywhere, and I can't imagine that! It's time to once again use our ultimate weapon; Dungeons and Dragons, that vile role-playing game where people tell stories, solve problems, use their imaginations and have HARMLESS FUN... These were the kids in school who couldn't see the delight in harmless vandalism like mailbox baseball, and tee-peeing a neighbors yard. Most of them didn't even revel in underage drinking and drugs. What's that make them? Wussie momma's boys! <> Now, with this movie we'll have them cry until their daddies beat them in to being MEN!

First, get me some no-name actors, cause if I don't know their name, they must be no damned good!

We've got nobody you've ever heard of sir!

Excellent, next skimp on the effects! Let these nerds use their imaginations that they're so proud of!

Consider them skimped on sir.

This needs to be cheap, very cheap.

The whole movie will cost about what Rob Schneider got for Deuce Bigalow...2!

Yes... PERFECT! That will doom it to ... no, Finally... The writing needs to be abdominal get people who have worked in softcore porn!

One of the writers was the AD on Emmanuelle in Space sir, both have little to no experience.

Yes! The geeks doom is at hand!!!! Muwhahahahaha!!!!!!!"

End tape.

Seen it. Sorry asswipe, but I'm still here, and... I can't wait to get the DVD. I hated the first D&D flick. It was an eyesore. This, is no LOTR. Duh. It's too short to be as deep as Record of the Lodoss War, but I really, really dug this movie. The FX did at times look cheap, BUT there's a balance between quantity and quality here, and we come out ahead. They're never distractingly bad, like the first movie, they are not $100,000,000 perfection either. So what? The movie pulls you into the feel of gaming.

Let me say again, it feels like a D&D game, a good one. The actors are a bunch of competent professionals who you've never heard of, and won't care that you haven't. The biggest shock is the writing. No great dialogue, it's all very functional, but the damnedest thing happened with this movie. It was absent the day they taught formula and irritating, though seemingly necessary, cliche's!

After D&D, I was hopeful that maybe a long time from now and good movie could be made of it. Well, the first GOOD D&D movie is here, if you like the first one, pull up a seat and love this one. It you hated the first, but wanted a live action Lodoss... it's here on DVD November 8th!

This sold me a DVD! And I might even consider it for my top of the year list, even though it was on TV. (No, it's not a great movie, but it's FUN, like ... Serenity.)

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