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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Headline: Some X Criticize Y because of Z

I'm sick, SICK of that headline!!! How is that news? How is someone being offended newsworthy? And why is my being offended never newsworthy? Everything done in this country is going to offend someone. Today a bunch of people who are better than you are gathering and making a big deal about something some people have always done, that honestly usually doesn't hurt others, and it's something they happen not to enjoy anyway... so what? A couple weeks ago Adam Carolla said he was offended by people eating bugs on Fear Factor. No news outlet reported his outrage! The system doesn't work! Aren't you supposed to report all outrage you lunatic idiots of the media? You ball-less sacks of human waste, not all journalists, just ones like Elizabeth Vargas on ABC... actually ABC WNT is becoming the sickest display of pansy pandering I've ever seen.

In related news:
If there were such a thing as Ghosts Peter Jennings would haunt that broadcast that they've destroyed in the past few months.

The following contains fowl language, so stop reading if you're a childish moron.

Idiots offended by the word fuck, and ya, if you're offended by THAT word, you are a childish idiot, it's almost lost all meaning anyway. Grow up. Anyway, idiots offended by that word don't let their children hear it... (BTW, They've heard it, and don't care!!!! You ass caught, anal irritating, sesame seed!)

I'm offended by operations being shown on TV, should I not let my child watch such things... she loves it, goes with that "want to be a doctor" thing that occasionally is on her mind.

I couldn't be a doctor... it's just disgusting. If I were your doctor, you'd "meet" your stupid teddy bear you pieces of mental flotsam. I'm offended by how disgusting the human body is. Be glad so many aren't even phased by this. They're more grown up about it. I'm childish, it's GROSS to me. Your doctor sees this as childish, and saves our sorry asses that are to stupid to live in a healthy manner.

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