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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

COMICS WEDNESDAY! The stores are still open so go buy some of these!

At least consider some 3/5's, promise to pick up the 4/5's and if you don't get something that's a 5/5... you might not like yourself very much.

Big week though, so lets get started, especially since TRANSFORMERS debuted this week!!!!!

I post in the order I read 'em... and the best way to start things off is;

If you're reading this book, this one mostly a talky issue and I won't say much more. To those who aren't already involved in this series, this is not a jump aboard issue. The series is readily available in collected editions and is well worth it. It's just reliably good, and that says a lot for a book that is essentially a daytime soap inspired by George Romero.
Though it spoils us with such consistent quality It can bump it's head held high on the bar it put so high, and walks right into a 3 out of 5.

From one soap to another. Well, the suds are kinda missing. It's not like a beer without the head, it's just like there's no soap in the water, head wouldn't be of an issue since all the women are just strangely absent from the story. Actually, there's an absence of characters in general in this new Robotech. The only character we've gotten familiar with at all is the seditious villain and, really we don't know him very well. The hubbity jubbity of the new shadow technology is more fleshed out than anything. This is a gorgeous book, it looks like Dreamwave's books used to, like stills from a good looking anime that never got to see the light of day. It's hard to really evaluate the story here, this comic isn't a meal, it's an appetizer to a DVD release. Appetizer or not though, there was an awkward scene change that made this whole issue very confusing. One caption mentioning the fact that the scene was on a different ship that was around a different planet changes everything. Hell, when you skip a YEAR between issues, how much might you skip during the issue? Every other time they changed locations in in this nice large font, so if you don't do that... I mean, I feel like an idiot for being confused through a chunk of the book. These characters mostly wear the same uniforms.

ROBOTECH: PRELUDE TO THE SHADOW CHRONICLES #2 Gets an uneasy, and almost generous 3 out of 5... But be warned Robotech, being pretty and an old love can't save you all the time.

Continued from last week, the "The Other: Evolve or Die" storyline jumps to a title I've never picked up, and in this week of Transformers who do I find but Pat Lee doing pencilling chores on Spiderman, and a big ass Honda ad where the story would normally start. They're draggin out the tension of some shocker in this plot line, so 2 issues in and we're at a tenuous commitment to completion already, well on the Spider-Man line. The B plot with Mary Jane is a star turn that makes you think horrible things like; "Why doesn't she have her own book?". Well, if she did, it'd get old and it'd probably suck most of the time anyway.

idles at 3 out of 5.

This week needs help. At least nothing sucks yet.

This was one of the two best books of the week. Greg Land just makes so much look so pretty. Sue's mom may be a little too pretty... for being 20 some years after having kids, and is showing a Hell of a lot of cleavage. But, you read into it and she's enough of a bitch to get away with looking like that. Aside from her and a massive amount of pretty, this book has a nice pulp sci-fi feel... That's what I really get into with this book, but going to the ruins of Atlantis just has you back watching old serials or reading comics from a flea market, or books that smell like BOOKS. Land's art is almost too much for this story, it hits in an odd way, but at the same time, Land relies on reference so much that the visuals aren't fantastic enough. They need to be plucked more from the mind, but, they're still pretty.

comfy 4 out of 5

Simon Furman on TRANSFORMERS!!!! Lets give him a great welcome and a fresh start. No hard feelings about anything, he's a legend in the Transformers community, and I'll make no further comment. I want a good Bot-book so bad, I'm willing to give even this a chance, cause it's better than nothing. So there's a guy, with wild hair, a GREEN shirt, and a van, looking to solve a MYSTERY. A MACHINE MYSTERY. You're a legend in the Transformers community? You dedicate the 0 issue of the new start to the franchise in comics to a Shaggy Doo reference? Without even a dog? Maybe you thought no one would pick this up? And why is Thundercracker an F-22? Yes, the Raptor is the replacement for the Eagle, but the F-15 is still in service... so leave them ALONE!!!!! And how the hell can Shaggy see in the cockpit of one flying by... in the desert? I won't even get to the Terminator speak (or plagiarism) that the autobots do. Thanks for nothing. EJ Su drew a better book than you wrote Simon. I can't even begin to compare this to what Dreamwave left behind.

TRANSFORMERS #0 's Art and name
get it 2 out of 5. The $.99 price helped. IDW, you've screwed up. Fix this mess fast.

This is why I saved Republic till last. I always save Star Wars until last, just to wash any bad taste out of my mouth. This week, it was needed, and worked. And I was loving this until Casey Jones from Ninja turtles showed up... Okay a bounty hunter who looked like him. I thought this was a solid 4, but I'm stuck on Casey Jones.

STAR WARS: REPUBLIC #78 hit's 3 out of 5.

At least when Republic goes, Dark Horse is going to make their passing easy, with 2 series, named after my two favorite Star Wars Video Games. Star Wars REBELLION will have 5 issues a year. Then, there's well, I leave you with this....

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