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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Art Race 02!!!!

Well, Aeghty Aeght won that first round, but we enjoyed the hell out of it, so it already has a sequel! Art Race II... To the Dyslexic readers No, this is not a scoop about Rat Race II, but
Breckin Meyer will be in Garfield 2... Anyway, the topic for this one is a killing, and not of Breckin Meyer, but LEIA KILLING JABBA. Yea, can ya tell it was my turn to pick? Rules: Line Art, Full color, Full Background and no photo-alterations.

Oh, and be sure to scroll down and check out some of the comics reviews this week. If you have an ember of creativity left in that pile of ash that in a time before your parents made you start paying for things yourself or you had any type of job with a boss you called a soul... pick up this week's Kabuki, and feel the need to fan those flames to life.

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