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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Blond Bond Sell.

I know this much about Daniel Craig, the BBC showed him bellicosely arriving to the press conference on a patrol boat. Oh, and he's blond.

Wow. I was so interested in this entry, I honestly got up and forgot I was even writing it for a couple of hours. Which cuts straight to the point I was going to make. I'm reading fuss and praise hopes dreams and nightmares, piss and vinegar all over the net getting all... well, whatever your disposition on the man is, about this guy and the future of the Bond series. But... wait I can't say it...

Okay, let me preface this carefully... I do love Bond, I have since I was... damn, I can't remember not loving Bond. I can remember diapers, and not being able to walk. I can remember lying in my baby crib, not as clearly as some things but I do remember it, and I'll say, that at that age I MIGHT not have LOVED James Bond, but I DOUBT IT.

But, as far as Daniel Craig and the "future of the franchise". I don't care. I implore fellow fans to chill out, and not care... we'll all go see Casino Royale. But, c'mon, it's only a movie and I can PROVE IT.

Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig

Can you see a pattern? Here Look again:

Sean Connery
George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Craig

Relevance of the lead leap frogs through this series. Okay, we have a long relationship with a bond, and then we have a rebound*.

Daniel Craig is almost destined to be a "James Bond" Question on Jeopardy in a few years. History says he won't have the role for long.. frankly I hope he's only there for one movie, and I hope they do it right. Start by quitting on thing; quit upping the ante on action. Bigger isn't better. Better is. Bond needs to become a suspense and intrigue franchise, for at least ONE movie... Casino Royale should be that movie. Next, an "R" rating. Don't shoot for it, but don't avoid it. Feel free to get the story out... actually that's another point...

You should, SHOULD, have shot the movie for 40 million before EVER announcing who the new bond was, with a title like Crimes of Blood, never had any attention drawn to it and let the main actors, and a FEW creative people have a clear vision for it. You spend so much, you want to gaurd every drop of your investment with every last ounce of life and drain exactly that out of the picture. Yes, Die Another Day worked, and worked well, but on the whole they feel like too many meetings go into the mix.

Don't mess with the format. Okay, we know you're not that dumb.

Oh, one other thing, no more gadgets. An Omega Seamaster, an Astin Martin and a Walther PPK are all the man needs. I loved most of the gadgets, but now by they get to the screen after the writers think of them, they're on the market or in the arsenals of the worlds governments. Bond doesn't need to be a walking Sharper Image catalog right now. Save it for when we do get Ewan or Hugh and they're around for 6 or so pictures. Besides, we never get toys of them, actually...

Dear James Bond,
Our generation was raised on movies birthing toys, and you, you absent father of a celluloid male role model, your toys were hardly ever there, and what quality was there when they did come around? I hate you for it, I always have. Stay away from mom... signed, your toy loving son of a generation of movie goers.

We can be more forgiving than that... out side of McFarlane Toys, MOST female action figures are anything but hot, and what's Bond without the girls?

*Diamonds are Forever DOESN'T COUNT as Connery's last Bond film. He broke it off after You Only Live Twice. Lazenby is then our rebound... Diamond's is the equivalent of screwing your ex after the breakup, you're not re-establishing the relationship, you're enjoying sex with no strings attached. We also did this AGAIN with Never Say Never... you never get over that first love.

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