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Sunday, May 22, 2005

UPN thought balloon...

hehehehe I UPN, the worlds best Star Trek fan, will now make a fall schedule. What'ya mean I'm not a Star Trek fan, I LOVE it, it's mine, you see if you kill it you get to keep it's soul... No other Trekkie has it's soul, it's MINE!!! MuuuwhaaaHaa!! Oooooo What looks good this fall something new, Titles that sound familiar.. How about

"Sex, Lies & Secrets"
"Everybody Hates Chris"

We know UPN, we're gone already. One show of the fall season does sound interesting... Fathom on NBC. NBC says it's like James Cameron's "The Abyss". Which is good, I like a good Abyss ripoff, and always have. There was a comic that ripped off the Abyss, it was called Fathom. The TV series and Comic have absolutely nothing to do with each other, other than James Cameron fandom. Seriously, Fathom looks like the only piece of shit on network TV I'll watch. Okay Wheel of Fortune is nice... So is Jeopardy... American Idol gets DVR'd and watched for 5 minutes... And OK I watch the Apprentice, but it's getting a little stale, It's honestly not the programs fault, just the people they pick to be on there. But this seasons winner... Kendra Todd, Look at her website, What is Trump's 250 Grand a year going to do for her?

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