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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Trailers... Much much fun.

I decided to watch a bunch of trailers, which is far more engrossing than American Idol. Congrats to Kenny Rushton for it's stunning win over getting the same 3 trademarked remarks from the judges every performance for everybody. We know they're all pitchy, in your dog pound, Paula's favorite and sound like they're in a karaoke bar or performing at a wedding.

Anyway enough with brain killing television. Movie Trailers are far more fun and I've seen some good ones on my friend the internet... All, or most of these should be on Apple. Here's some worthy of downloading!!!!

The Davinci Code: Fuck this being a cultural phenomenon, a year before the movie even is out every TV network including National Geographic has had a DOCUMENTARY on the fucking NOVEL. I can't wait for the movie, really, it has a cast I love and a director who I love when we agree on subject matter. What I say fuck to is that people need National Geographic to tell them the book is fiction. This will be all over the place next summer too, when the movie starring Tom Hanks comes out. For a follow up National Geographic and the History Channel need to show me that Forest Gump was fiction too.

The Deep Blue: Episode III was very pretty, this has more amazing visuals, and they're all fish. Not the type of shit you see in the store or on bassmasters... Very pretty and amazing stuff!!! Many of the larger species they'll show are on endangered lists and won't be around when you have grandkids, soak this up now.

Goblet of Fire! : Ohhhhhhhhhh Fucking WICKED. That was so cool. I do kinda love this series. May they never recast the kids. Richard Harris being gone hurts enough. The series started out good and is actually getting better with each flick. The DVD's are questionable though. Okay they're cereal box prizes, utter kid fluff as if you can't be over 12 and like these movies.

Flightplan: If this movie is good, it smells like one that even the trailer tells too much. It's a thriller with Jodie Foster and Sean Bean (Boromir). The trailer looks GOOD, I'm sold on the movie, and want to forget the damn trailer. DO NOT SEE THE TRAILER. Gives TOO MUCH AWAY.

March of the Penguins : The voice of God Almighty and penguins. I liked. It's a documentary, probably not up many other alleys.

Sky High: This was so much fun. Like X-Men's daughter Buffy the TV show fucked the Incredibles. The computer who wore tennis shoes is back at Disney... Wait, Disney is doing the type of movies they did last time they told Animation to screw cupcakes. So like 2014 they'll do one as good as Lion King again?

Corpse Bride: Not much to say but yay!

Fantastic Four: (International Internet exclusive trailer) This flick is starting to rival Jefferson County for most trailers. Fuck. Let's think about this...
Dear Paul of 1995, In the Year 2005 A Transformers Live action movie will be in production, Star Wars Episode III will kick much ass, Frank Miller's Sin City will kick off a fucking Trilogy of movies directed by Robert Rodriguez (the El Mariachi guy) and Frank Miller. Hellblazer will get a movie, but it'll be called Constantine. I realize you dig on Batman Forever but having a U2 song does not help the movie, it sucks. Not the song, the movie. The next one will be so much worse, as will the next U2 album and girlfriend... But about 2005. U2 will have 2 redeeming albums and tours to boot, a NEW Batman franchise will start up and it looks very kick ass, Spider-Man movies will be in between sequels, Superman will actually be in production, still (long story) BUT the icing on the cake... A LIVE ACTION Fantastic Four!

Fuck I'd have to tell myself it looks like shit. I soooooooooo want to love this movie, that I forgot to tell myself about War of the Worlds and give a message to alter history to save HHGTTG from sucking. Damn wormholes created by regret. If the movie was worth a shit, you'd know what I was talking about.

Red Eye: Ooooo maybe rent worthy.

Wedding Crashers: More money for Blockbuster.

I won't bitch about the awful previews, or previews of awful movies like; The Skeleton Key, November ( Gee, lemme guess, she did it and made up the guy who got away!), Bomb the System (This is the type of movie that kinda bores me, and people who commit vandalism are not heroes!)

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