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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Star Wars EU.... Is DEAD!!!!! Long Live Star Wars EU!!!!!

In an interview on MTV, MTV.com - Movies - News - What Happened To Han And Leia? How About Jar Jar? 'Star Wars' Emperor Lucas Speaks Lucas basically put his feelings on the novels out there. For those of us who absolutely despised how lackluster the Zahn trilogy ended up being, come on man a fleet of dreadnaughts???, and hated the Vong, The flannelled one has put the best to official word as to the fate of Han and Leia. Han's livin off his wife's public service (as a Senator) checks and flippin burgers in their back yard. They lead boring lives!!!!!!!! Which is what they deserve! They defeated the Empire, kick back pop out brats, yell at them daily and stress over not being able to get grass to grow in the shade. This sounds great to me. The Imperial era of Star Wars was suppossed to be a blen of the American Revolution and WWII. They should get the ideal ending every G.I. wanted in WWII, go home to the wife and get a house with a white picket fence, or the Corellian equivilent. The novels are just Fan-Fiction really, yes, the comics I enjoy so much... basically the same. I enjoy them but, they're not the Star Wars story... and they only THINK they took place in the Star Wars universe. They don't... a remakably similair one indeed, but it isn't, and thats the great thing. We haven't seen one bit of Star Wars EU yet. Not until the TV show premieres. (Now, it seems there is a lot of fan resentment over the Clone Wars cartoon... "If Mace can bla bla, How come..." and yes the toon does create some oopsies, but they were fun for those of us who could appreciate the visual style of them) Hey Paul! Aayla Secura was EU, as was the Juggernaught!!! How can you say we haven't seen the Star Wars expanded Universe yet???? Ahh, my proof. How many gaming sessions of Star Wars, or books, have people called elevators turbolifts? Well, Anikin seems pretty cool about calling them elevators. Some concepts will make the cut, many will be contradicted and new ideas are to come. Consider this Crisis on Infinate Tatooine's... Wipe the slate of your mind clean, SW EU is going to be born soon.

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