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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sci Fi Wire -- Wonder Set In Modern Day

Sci Fi Wire -- Wonder Set In Modern Day You don't even need to read the article... well there's some stuff in there, but it doesn't apply to the headline... that's always good journalism. I can't wrap my haed around these idiot ass movie studios wanting to set superhero stories in today... With many of them, I have no problem with it; Spider-man, Batman, X-men, all fine. Fantastic Four begs to be in a type of 60's modernity <> and even the '70's TV show knew Wonder Woman was World War II. (Note: Captain America, whenever it comes soooooooo better be WW2!!!!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS, block of ice 10 minutes into the flick...eh maybe... but I'd rather see him beat on Hitler's face with a non-circular shield for a few minutes first.) I know there have been plenty of exceptions to this; Phantom, Shadow, Rocketeer, but when it comes to the big gun heroes, we get less imagination than they deserve, and learn that Focus groups and test audiences are their own brand of Kryptonite. Fuck I'll be pissed if Wonder Woman is in pants or some shit like that...

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