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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

First Tincage Blog Honoree: Michio Kaku

Eventually every website or blog will have an award for something. Even if there is no prize, plaque or anything they'll still have awards of recognition. I know, I'll make a nice certificate of recognition, and if I'm ever contacted by a winner, I'll send them the PDF file.... hell, I might even mail it to them if they want... So, this blog's first honoree is...................

Michio Kaku

Every hour of regular programing, on the Science Channel, you can hear a soundbite of proffessor Kakusaying our world is on the verge of a revolution in robotics... Oh my, I've heard it so many times I forgot exactly what he says... Anyway, he's a noted proffessor of theoretical physics, and has eared the honor of having the most incomplete IMDB profile I've ever seen. On the Internet Movie Database, he's in 6 things plus 3 quest appearances on one TV show. Paul, it's the Internet MOVIE Database, he may be ubiquitous on the Science Channel but he's not a movie star. Well, documentaries are listed on there right along awards shows, so Prof. Kaku's agent should write a big correction to the folks at IMDB... who have finally Listed The Shape of the World as a title, with Patrick Stewart as narrator... no other credits... so when will that series ever be seen again????

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