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Sunday, May 08, 2005

GREAT WEB SITE: SkyscraperPage.com


See proposed buildings, and existing ones side by side... the tallest buildings under construction is kinda demoralizing for us Americans though... Not trying to be political here, but look through the list, and then aswer this simple question... are we being fucked by someone at the gas pump?
Those builings are all 3 things in two words; pretty, expensive and ... yea. After looking at that I want to level St. Louis, fill all the caves with molten granite and build Coruscant. What the hell, we have no respect for landmarks, we're throwing away Bush stadium like a pissed in only diaper. Lets knock down the Arch too. Build one 2km high in its place with 600 foot tall statues of Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon (the sucker), Lewis and Clark, hell we'll even throw one up of Mark Twain in Hannibal, which will then be called North St. Louis. We won't have monorails or subways... there's no "or"... we'll take both! Now if we only had some oil money to buy it with!

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