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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Movie: The Golden Compass

How can a movie, open at #1, make 20 MILLION MORE than the #1 movie the previous year and be panned for under performing?

Is it; Gee, this movie must be on the wrong side of a whole bunch of idiots made up fucking culture war, or Well Narnia was Christian, and Compass is Atheist so this PROVES Christian movies are BIGGER and BETTER...

You know what? There may be even a million or so people in this country who CARE about that issue who hate people for feeling different things, but I'll be the ONLY person, maybe to give a good reason WHY Compass got 40 Million LESS than Narnia in opening...
Narnia was MUCH more heavily promoted, and had a book series parents may have read as a child. Compass didn't have as old of a book series, Spiderwick is going to have this same issue, as is Inkheart. But the biggest thing is getting those toys in happy meals. Robert Rodriguez credits getting in the McDonald's happy meals with Spy Kids success. You have to have a good movie to back it up, but New Line apparently didn't have 10 minutes for a 10 minute film school on any of his DVD's... (Oh, I believe that's on the Once upon a time in Mexico DVD, could be mixed up, but I think that's where it is...)

Enough about their pathetic business stuff! This flick gave me CLOCKWORK, Airships, Nicole Kidman (WAIT.....!)

Nicole Kidman?

You can't blame Atheism or the Fantasy Genre on any ANY of this movies failings!!!! She's box office POISON. Her highest grossing movie is Happy Feet..... HAPPY FEET! I didn't even remember her being in HAPPY FEET!!! This explains why I thought during the moive, "Sigh, Nicole Kidman's finally in a good movie!" Gee, Nicole Kidman, and No HAPPY MEAL... What were you THINKING!!!!

Anyway, Clockwork Technology, Airships, Nicole Kidman in a good movie, Daniel Craig, OKAY, just a GREAT CAST, Armored Polar Bears....

BY THE WAY...... I LOT of theaters are in Malls now, they tend to be relocating to them, This WEEKEND on the movie calender sucks... I'm one of those people, and there are A LOT of us, who do their holiday shopping, whenever, we're usually 80% done by Thanksgiving. I've been avoiding malls. They're impossible to park at... Oh and Weather SUCKED this weekend.

Armored POLAR BEARS. I drank a COKE! It's that good. Good enough to drink a Coke During. It's not Sparta or my friend Optimus Prime. It's a First part, not a stand alone movie, but that could be a WONDERFUL way to have a trilogy be.

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