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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Went to return Charlie Wilson and I found...

This wonderful Sci-Fi epic spoke to me. I mean, other sci-fi epics have given us lightsabers, FTL drives, flying cars, robots that look like Sean Young (fully functional )...
Wait... Okay, Can you fuck a replicant? Or did it just work since Deckard was a replicant? I mean, if it's fully functional with her girl parts, then THAT is the most impressive piece of Sci-Fi technology, but... oh, and communicators, and the Holo-deck on Star Trek. There are so many pieces of fantastic gear in Sci-Fi, but this... This camera is AMAZING!!!!

An HD camera with an amazing battery life, that's that durable, and has the easiest to clean lens EVER!!! Awesome Camera, and the light on it, barely even hurts the battery life, as in, no worries. It even has Infrared in some of the best quality I've ever seen, and the on camera mic, RECORDS IN DTS 6.1!!!!!! Awesome! I WANT this camera! Make it REAL!

I liked the movie too, except the cartoonish leaning building. All the other buildings crumbled, except that one, it was being held up by Jesus. Note to Jesus. Next time, hold the building with one hand, and kill the fucking monster with the other.


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