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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Movie: Speed Racer

First, take a minute here...

Okay, see that? Now, on with...
They have some full episodes on Hulu, a fantastic site!... Every episode of Buck Rogers or the OLD Battlestar Galactica at yer fingertips! Hot DAMN! Anyway, in that intro we see racing, explosions and some primitive bullet time.

This movie has MORE racing with the Mach 6, an invention of the Wachowski's, then it does the Mach 5. It has SMALLER explosions than the cartoon, and NO BULLET TIME.

C'mon, you couldn't have made the opening of the credits of the movie like the cartoon, with a race, HUGE explosion and BULLET TIME, were you afraid the guys who made the first Matrix movie would get so pissed that they finally break out of the locker and crush your skulls for stealing their lives. At least you guys let them make a kick ass V for Vendetta.

So, why the Mach 6 at all? (It looks like you painted the Batmobile white.)

A:? The Mach 5 is a touring car.

Ok, If the Mach 5 is in fact a touring car, then why not have had the plot of the movie center on the middle race. or some larger trans-continental race. Maybe have the Mach-5 be the best car with the best gadgets. Have the villains trying to maybe steal the plans for the Mach 5.

Whatever, my kids loved it. Me... Meh. The Middle was an AWESOME speed racer movie. You could have had something really special if the Mach 5 HAD been something special.

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