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Friday, May 02, 2008

Movie: Iron Man

Iron Man
Is all about Thor. From the last line of the film, and if you left before the credits were over, sorry... this movie is all about Thor. Thor is not in this movie, mentioned in this movie... hinted to exist in this movie. Thor is nowhere but the slate of Marvel movies for 2009... along with Captain America and the Avengers.
Thor's MUCH more important than Iron Man.
See... The Avengers have been eternally a... LESS than interesting Super-Group, and this comes from a guy with the whole run of West-Coast Avengers. They're like the Justice Leauge whenever someone does a stupid Justice League without Superman Batman and Wonder Woman. Captain America is usually their biggest character...

Okay, lets difine size of a character: Growing up in the 70's/80's Spider-Man had a cartoon, Hulk had a Live action Show... BOTH of those chartacters had the other (cartoon and live action show) and Captain America had.. a motorcycle helmet. Superman and Batman were BIGGER characters. Espically Superman. And Wonder-Woman had a TV Show too.

So, as older people, Marvel's line up may seem to be second-tier characters, but, they don't HAVE to be. With the animated movies and the features, the tiers are collapsing, and shaking into new strata. My son LOVES Doctor Strange. Never read the comic, only saw the DVD movie. But that was enough. Iron Man will be above Wonder Woman in the Super-Hero pantheon by the end of the summer, and no longer a second tier character.

That's why it's all about Thor. Marvel's debut making the movies of their characters has taken the genre back to school, just by GIVING A SHIT!!!!!!!

This is what a spandex comic book movie can be like just by caring? Look at that poster, it looks like an old Wizard magazine mock up. Marvel is giving us Fanboy dreams!!!! But, even though their first outing was.... straight to the head of the class... it's all about Thor now.

You can make a wise ass Armored man cool... easy. Captain America, you could probably do in your sleep.... don't, but it doesn't seem hard when done by professionals... but how do you make Thor cool as Iron Man?

That's the test of your new studio Marvel. Not because Thor is some fav character of mine, he's far from it... really he's a tad... he's not the flavor I would chose. Okay, he's one of my least favorite marvel characters. So. Make me like him. Keep him from being lame. Please Make the weakest link in the Avengers line-up just as strong as Iron Man. Cause, with one line from Nick Fury, It's now all about Thor.

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